Tuesday History: ‘Mountain Scenery’ Offers Insight into 1850s Asheville

The Buck Hotel: Constructed by James M. Smith in 1925, the Buck Hotel was located at the intersection of Broadway and College Street. Dr. Elizabeth “Liz” Colton remembers seeing the book, Mountain Scenery: The Scenery of the Mountains of Western North Carolina and Northwestern South Carolina, on the mantle of her parents Montford home. It was the late 1970s and Colton had just returned to Asheville by way of the Maldives, a South Asian island country, located in the Indian Ocean, where she had been working on her doctoral fieldwork in anthropology. The author’s name, Henry E. Colton, was familiar (her father’s), but the book’s date of publication (1859) didn’t quite add up. EXPLORING HER FAMILY TREE: Dr. Elizabeth “Liz” Colton will discuss her great-great-uncle’s 1859 book, Mountain Scenery, at Pack Memorial Library, Lord Auditorium, on Wednesday, April 26. Photo by Thomas Calder Colton soon learned that the writer and…


Renting an Apartment in Asheville NC

North Carolina is a beautiful part of the United States. It is also quite diverse in what it has to offer. When you live in North Carolina, even if you live in the heart of a city, you will find that it is possible to get to the countryside within just a few minutes in many cases. That is especially true if you live in Asheville NC, and there are many reasons to set your sights on the city. Many people live in Asheville because it is where they work or perhaps it is where they grew up from their youth. In either of those cases or in any case, it is a great option for putting down roots and calling it home. You will find that there is work available in many sectors and plenty of things to do, keeping you entertained throughout the year. Those factors include great…


Locating Great Asheville Apartments

Anyone will tell you that planning a move is always going to be a challenge, regardless of how much time and effort that you try to put in ahead of time. You need to do all that you can to make your move as simple as possible, right down to looking for the smartest options in Asheville apartments. Luckily, there are a wealth of websites that you can use online that will not only give you the information on the Asheville area that you need to pick out the perfect neighborhood, but they will also let you search by pricing and amenities. Are you looking to be close to the main attractions that Asheville has to offer? If you want to be sure that you are able to walk to some great dining options, or when you need to shop for a while, there are plenty of downtown Asheville apartments…


Apartment Living: Liberty of Selecting Multiple Options

Apartment living: Liberty of selecting multiple options

Living at one place since very long becomes stagnant and people like change in their lifestyle. It is good to own an independent house but at the same time it is really painful to maintain that accommodation and all its allied facilities. The modern generation is in love with fun and thrill as compared to their elders who used to like classical living. The house constructed by the natives may have an attraction for generations but this attraction is only associated to their emotions. They prefer to live in the rented houses, especially the apartments instead of their native houses due to several reasons. The old traditional construction and feelings attached with those is really unforgettable but living in present with contemporary lifestyle is also important. The Downtown Ashville Apartments presents a modern living style with some touch of old mood and classical lifestyle. In addition to traditional advantages of…


Apartments: Comfort Living Place

Apartments: Comfort living place

What all a family needs; a comfortable living place with ease, comfort and economy. What all an ideal living place require; is a shopping area nearby with all standard commodities available with quality and at economical prices, a school, college or university, a health care centre, a park and some places for dinning and outing. With all these facilities, the Downtown Ashville Apartments are constructed in the heart of city for ease, comfort and luxury for their occupants. These apartments are constructed at a place ideally suitable for an easy living. Being in close vicinity of many large shopping malls like Biltmore Village, the Grove Arcade and the Asheville Mall, these apartments attract many other shopping options. Everything for daily life to luxury and modern lifestyle is available here at affordable prices. Many opportunities for quality education are available within a reasonable distance are available near Downtown Ashville Apartments. Reputed…