Experience Ghost Hunting in Asheville, NC

Asheville is a beautiful city located in North Carolina. There are many attractions to the city but one of the most popular is ghost hunting. There are a number of stories about places that are haunted by a ghost in the city of Asheville. Two of the famous hotels said to be haunted include Battery Park Hotel and the Grove Park Inn. Any visitor to the city can pick and choose from a number of Tours for ghost hunting that are available particularly during the Halloween season, but also throughout the year.

Record Proof Of Ghosts With Modern Technology

Because of all the technology that is available today, many people enjoy trying to catch images or recordings of ghosts on their ghost hunts. Many Ghost Hunters who visit Asheville not only record anything they find, but some have even gone on to make films about it. Even for those who may not believe in ghosts, it is often a fun adventure to go on a ghost tour.

Haunted Trolley

Asheville has a haunted trolley tour and the trolley tours help visitors to visit spots known to be haunted by ghosts. Joshua Warren is a TV personality who started it and he has written many books on the Paranormal. Going on a trolley tour means that the participants can ride along instead of walking. The cost is only $20 for adults and only $10 for children.

Asheville is the perfect setting for ghosts. Much of the architecture is in the Gothic style and the background is beautiful mountains that are often filled with dark clouds and fog making it the perfect place for ghosts to visit. Bring your digital cameras and your audio devices and see if you can catch a ghost on film, with your cell phone’s camera, or your recording device.