Mystery man frees infant from North Carolina wreck

ASHEVILLE, NC (WHDH) — A terrifying car accident in North Carolina ended with a miracle and a mystery.

An unknown man rescued a baby trapped in a BMW sedan that was wedged passenger-side down between metal supports under the awning of Sona Pharamacy and Clinic.

The BMW went off the road, jumped the curb, tore through a hedge row and hit a Saturn sedan that was parked with no one inside, police said. The collision between the two cars sent the BMW airborne, flipping sideways and into a wall of glass, investigators added.

“It just sounded like a big shelf falling from the pharmacy,” Sona employee Anna Teall said. “It sounded like some glass fell on the ground.”

The crash left a baby and another person trapped inside the BMW. A Good Samaritan arrived and rescued the baby before taking off.

“A guy come out of nowhere, jumped up, opened the door, we held the car, and he went in and got the baby, car seat and all, passed off the baby,” Sona employee Sandy Banks recalled.

A pediatrician happened to be in the parking lot during the crash and checked on the baby while pharmacy employees helped the driver.

The driver sustained serious injuries but the baby was unhurt.

The identity of the mystery man who saved the baby remains unknown.

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