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What Makes Asheville, North Carolina So Unique

North Carolina is filled with wonderful cities to visit or live in, but one of the most unique is Asheville. Asheville is located on the west side of the state, in the lovely Blue Ridge Mountains. In fact, it is a city that is full of natural beauty, from the mountains and trees to gorgeous waterfalls.

The natural beauty of the city provides residents and visitors with the opportunity to explore a plethora of hiking trails that range from beginner level to the level of a seasoned adventurer. Many of these beautiful trails are along the Blue Ridge Parkway, a road that allows travelers breathtaking views of the mountains and valleys below.

What else makes Asheville so unique? The Biltmore Estate. The estate is home to the Biltmore House, the largest house in America that is still privately owned. The house itself was built in the French chateau style in the beginning of the 20th century. Today, the estate sees millions of visitors each year, which adds to the economy of Asheville. Visitors to the estate can enjoy a tour of the house and gardens, as well as numerous hiking trails, jeep excursions, even the ability to ride horses and visit the animals that are housed on the grounds.

The residents of Asheville, North Carolina are known for being laid-back and artistic, and the city itself is filled with a bohemian vibe. Those who practice a vegetarian lifestyle are always welcome in the city and find that there are many vegetarian restaurants that they can find delicious food to eat in. One of these such restaurants is Laughing Seed Cafe.

In conclusion, Asheville is a very beautiful and artsy town, filled with fantastic residents and tourism. Those who are visiting for the first time will be charmed by this unique city and crave to visit again and again.